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Monday, August 8, 2011

Click, click BOOM

A couple of weeks ago I did a test shoot with a model. Kinda made me appreciate the importance of a test shoot. I got to feel out my model and her strong points and also feel out what my weaknesses are...and boy oh boy do i have weak areas that I need to improve on but I guess practice makes perfect?? lol but overall i think this is a stunning model with a lovely body. My favorite shots of her are her profile shots :)

Model: Kelly
Wardrobe: Brown Trench-coat (Mr. Price), Brown Gloves (Edgars), Black leggings (Models own), Platform Heels (Zoom)
Make Up: Me

This is my favorite shot...one of the first shots of the day


 hahaha don't know what to refer to these one as but I think she looks lovely here.

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