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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Mania!!

Ooooooooh!! Went to Johannesburg with my aunty yesterday....we were really just passing by, this wasnt supposed to be a shopping trip.....But knowing us we obviously picked up a few things!!

We Started in Northgate for lunch and i picked up this cute floral dress for only R220!!!! Blooming bargain!! Whats more L was the only size left but when i tried it on it fit PERFECTLY!!! (I'm a size 6 mind on a good day mind you!) I love the pink on this dress its perfect because florals and pastel colors are in.... (I think!!)

Then there was Meltz Clothing store today on our way out!! The sales at Meltz were insane! (as usual) I picked up TopShop branded tank-tops for only R19!!! Then there was this cute dress...my aunt thought would suite me....I tried it on nd it was PERFECTO!

The price tag on this dress was R120 and i only paid R59 at the till!!! The discount is amazing!! gotta LOVE MELTZ!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Body Shop MAD!!!!!

Body Shop finally decided to have a sale where they actually gave discounts that looked like discounts instead of pretending to like they usually do!!! But i went crazy on the sale!! sill am!! can hardly pass a Body Shop outlet without picking something up!!  Coz lets face it their stuff is absolutely luxurious!!
I really love their body butters and lotions! I love the peach body butter the most, it smells divine, it makes me wana eat myself up! 
Picked up some lip stuff coz I'm obsessed with lip care!! I love lipgloss or lip balms that have a bit of a sweet taste like these ones! I think I'v gone body shop crazy coz i still wanna go get more stuff!!! 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

BDAY time!!!!

So I just got "OLDER!" I cant stress the importance of birthdays 2 me...its the day that marks the beginning of ones existence so it needs serious celebration...haven't quite celebrated my birthdays properly since i got here but I'm leaving so il do it better wherever i end up after this!!! But dnt get me wrong i did have fun this year just not as much as i wanted!! but i loves my prezies and i had fun hanging out with myself in my room!! (vain i know!) lol!
love my prezie from home!! Animal prints r the biznes!

loves my present from the gang! The wrapping paper is soooo me!

The gang delivering my prezie!! Thanx guys! Yall rock!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday wish.....

My birthdays coming up and i was hoping my parents would surprise me with this.....

or these.......


But I'l admit that the last one is just as preposterous as the first one! I'l be content with having a degree and a good day.........free from stress....thats all i want this year....

Monday, March 29, 2010

So i could actually be good at this!! lol!!

I took this picture during my december holidays and it made it on to an album cover!! Im so glad i decided to freelance...its fun and i think i might have my foot in the door.  

P.S. this is y i love hip hop!! It always takes me places!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Studio Time

My friend Boitumelo asked me 2 take pics of her in studio for her portfolio and im getting better at studio lighting thing!!! Lets hope i keep getting better but this was us just having fun :)

Thats her!! Miss Bee in the flesh...

Thats the lovely Miss Lamees! The Camera loves her :)

Pretty Lady

Lovely Curvaceous African Woman :)

Peo!! You've gotta love her!! she's super cute :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Breaking my Blog virginity

Im popping my blog cherry at like 1am in the morning...with absolutely no followers so no one 2 read this! hahaha....well i talk so much that talking to myself doesn't seem like a problem! 
Can't really talk to myself much right now because i have to be up early for one of my first big gambles this year, but i know the odds are in my favor so i believe that ive already won!
Anyhu! Ciao for now :)