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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Mania!!

Ooooooooh!! Went to Johannesburg with my aunty yesterday....we were really just passing by, this wasnt supposed to be a shopping trip.....But knowing us we obviously picked up a few things!!

We Started in Northgate for lunch and i picked up this cute floral dress for only R220!!!! Blooming bargain!! Whats more L was the only size left but when i tried it on it fit PERFECTLY!!! (I'm a size 6 mind on a good day mind you!) I love the pink on this dress its perfect because florals and pastel colors are in.... (I think!!)

Then there was Meltz Clothing store today on our way out!! The sales at Meltz were insane! (as usual) I picked up TopShop branded tank-tops for only R19!!! Then there was this cute dress...my aunt thought would suite me....I tried it on nd it was PERFECTO!

The price tag on this dress was R120 and i only paid R59 at the till!!! The discount is amazing!! gotta LOVE MELTZ!!

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  1. i love your pink dress. the prints look super girlish!!!!